Deuces Wild

It truly is amazing how a 52-card deck can create an abundance of different games. Looking at the different variations of poker might lead to confusion. Nevertheless, each passing year an increasing number of people are finding their way into the enjoyable and fascinating world of poker. This shouldn’t be surprising, as technological evolution allows more people to access poker via smartphones and tablets, as opposed to finding a legal venue for some good ole’ poker nights. But before you jump the bandwagon, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the different types of poker. In this article we will be focusing on the most well-known poker variation called Deuces Wild, and compare it to the traditional Jacks Or Better poker.

The saying “simple is beautiful” certainly applies to Deuces Wild. In Deuces Wild and Jacks Or Better the player has five cards and the purpose is to build the strongest card combination. In Deuces Wild the Aces in the 52-card deck are considered special cards because an Ace can be substituted for any other card. In practice Aces allow players to adjust their existing hands and thus give a second chance to build a stronger card combination, also known as “hand”. In Jacks or Better there are no substitute cards, but as the name of the game reveals, Jacks have a special purpose. In fact, two Jacks give the player the smallest possible win. Basically the only difference between Deuces Wild and Jacks Or Better is in the use of Aces and Jacks.

How does the game progress? After players make their bets, the dealer gives each player five cards face down. After going over their hands, players decide what cards they want to exchange. In poker jargon players “hold” their preferred cards and receive new ones from the dealer. After chosen cards have been exchanged, it’s time to reveal each player’s hand. In Deuces Wild, three of a kind would be the first winning combination, and royal flush the strongest hand of the game. In Jacks Or Better, a pair of Jacks gives the minimum win and Royal Flush the largest. In both games the player can wager his/her winnings with a double or nothing option. The dealer draws one card from the deck and the player must choose from the remaining four cards a larger valued card to beat the dealer’s card.

Is there a variation between winning probabilities? There is only one way to find out. Try them out!

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Cyberstud Poker

Cyberstud Online Poker is a medium speed online poker game that differs from other variations of online poker in that the rules vary a bit. The software is from Microgaming and the game is popular in a lot of casinos.

Cyberstud is a five-card game that’s played with a standard 52-card deck. It’s played strictly against the house, and there are no wilds. It’s similar to Caribbean Stud in that the dealer has to hold an Ace and a King to qualify, which means better winnings for players. The dealer will reveal only one of his cards, dealt face up.

During play, if you bet on a hand, and then choose to raise, you have to raise double the worth of your original bet. The dealer will deal the rest of the four cards, and if he or she doesn’t qualify, the bet is pushed back. If the dealer does qualify, then the highest hand wins the bet. The great thing is that when you win, you win not only the amount of your bet, but also the odds payable for the type of bet your winning hand has.

The strategy for playing is that you should fold when your hand is less that an Ace or King, but raise if you hold a pair of any kind. You should also definitely raise if you have an Ace-King combination, as well as when you hold the Ace-King and your other cards include a Jack, an 8 card or better, or a 3 card or better.

There’s also the other part of the game where, if you’re holding a flush, you can expect to get a great bonus. A Royal Flush is the true golden ticket, however, and will get you the progressive jackpot.

Although the game has the potential for high wins, it’s relatively straightforward and doesn’t have autoplay options. The players can only play one hand at a time, and only the ante bet is doubled. It’s a bit similar to a Blackjack game, and players that enjoy that should definitely find themselves enjoying Cyberstud Poker Online.

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Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is an interesting version of traditional poker. Its twist is that it’s based solely on playing against the house instead of playing against other players, which can be both a blessing and curse. There’s no bluffing to deal with, which saves you a lot of time and distraction, since you’re only playing against one other player – the house. There’s also a progressive jackpot, and a relatively simple strategy to win, although further reading about advanced strategies is available from multiple sources.

There are a few different stories as to the game’s history, going back to the 1980s. They range from reports of begin played on cruise ships, to its beginnings on Aruba, which may be why it’s called Caribbean Stud. There are also stories of players offering each other ‘friendly’ loans in casinos in exchange for lessons. The game also had a few different names in the beginning, including ‘Casino Poker’, but eventually was purchased and is now owned by SHFL Entertainment. It is now one of the most popular games in the gaming industry, and is offered in most casinos around the world.

How Does it Differ?
The way in which the game differs from traditional online poker is that, first, it has a progressive pooled jackpot, and players get five cards, as does the dealer. There are also key differences in the way the game is played in different locations. For instance, a player can have only one hand at a time. Players also are not allowed to communicate with each other. A push is relevant only to the player that receives it. The dealer can only play if he holds a King and an Ace, or another high-ranking card. The best strategic tip to use for Caribbean Stud Poker is to always play pairs, and fold any time you have something less than an Ace or a King.

Basically, the game is a variation on a five-card game, and is a famous favourite among those who like table games, although it can require a bit more discipline to stick to strategy. It’s treated with the same enthusiasm that one might experience for Craps or Blackjack, some other favourites. It’s common in the US and UK, as well as at online casinos.

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